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2013: Ready to roll, for a charity event

BMW motorcycle R67/2  R75/6   BMW car 2002



1993: USA West coast tour


USA west coast tour 1993 


USA tour 1993

1992: Holland tour with a couple of friends

BMW R75/6



1988: to Yugoslavia with a BMW R51/3 and R67/2

In august '88 we went on holiday to Yugoslavia with a friendly couple who owned a R51/3.

Both bikes held really well during this 2,500 km trip with driver, passenger and a lot of baggage.

Driving in the Alps and Dolomite mountains was a bit tricky though, with only a single leading shoe 

half hub front brake.


Somewhere along the German Autobahn

BMW R51/3 and R67/2 - Yugoslavia tour

Just 1 serious mechanical break down: the drive flange came loose from the output shaft

BMW R51/3 and R67/2 Yugoslavia tour



On Krk island


BMW motorcycle R51/3 and R67/2



1987: BSA M20 and BMW R67/2

BSA M20 and BMW R67/2

1975 - 1982: the moped era

Proud and happy with my first restoration project at the age of 14.

Unfortunately, I had to wait 2 years before taking it to the road legally.


Kreidler restoration - 1st project

My first "custom" Kreidler project, this time at the age of 16.



Kreidler or Zündapp: couldn't decide, so I had to have both (soon followed by some 20 other mopeds

like Puch,Tomos, Malaguti, Batavus, Sparta, Peugeot, Mobylette, etc etc.




My father's Union Roulette, which he bought in 1960, after restoration.

Union Roulette